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There is a new summit just around the corner – “Trauma Mind Body Super Conference” hosted by Alex Howard. Alex and I interview soon for my Facebook Group: SIBO Tribe, Building Community Through Resilience -(after his summit wraps and after he has a moment to breath). Join my Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SIBOTribe/  REGISTER TO WATCH… Read More >

Dr. Nirala Jacobi interviews Functional Medicine Nutritionist Angela Pifer at SIBO Con and they dish on their favorite take home moments from the conference.

I join Ben Weitz with Rational Wellness Podcast to debunk and challenge the over-usage of the FODMAP diet. Let’s look at the research! For detailed show notes and full transcript: http://www.drweitz.com/2020/02/challenging-the-low-fodmap-diet-with-angela-pifer-rational-wellness-podcast-142/

The exaggerated confidence given to the FODMAP diet, that it has the ability to favorably alter the intestinal microbiota, starve out organisms, or alter the immune system by reducing histamines, for example, are unfounded in the literature.  The diet is being misrepresented across publications, by practitioners and over social media, and in chat rooms. In The… Read More >

By September 30, 2019 by Angela Pifer, MS, LCN, CN, FMN As published in Today’s Practitioner: My editorial response to May 21, 2019 Today’s Practitioner article, Improved Anxiety Symptoms Over Just Probiotic. The article highlights a study that looked for evidence linking reduced anxiety symptoms with regulation of intestinal microbiota. The article stated, “(it is)…the benefits of non-probiotic… Read More >

Recently, I have noticed the “methane spot test” advertised as a way to monitor treatment efficacy in high baseline methane positive SIBO patients. As this grows in popularity, I have some big concerns about this marker being overused and leading to the over-treatment of SIBO. Claims are being made that the methane spot test can,… Read More >

I had a great time meeting and interviewing with Australian naturopath and author Katherine Maslen – she features 24 of the world’s experts in gut and surrounding health. Thee series will be FREE and it will drop in its entirety in the next two weeks – it will always be free, so you won’t be… Read More >

  Like! Pin! Tweet! NEW! Whole Foods Nourishment for SIBO! In my quest to help my SIBO patients and followers enjoy more nutrition from whole foods (not less), I have created a new category on my site: Whole Foods Nourishment for SIBO! Add a TINY pinch to a smoothie, a grain dish, to a soup,… Read More >

When Low Stomach Acid is Caused by Autoimmune – SIBO Risk: Always looking for the root cause of SIBO. When to investigate low stomach acid, a known root cause for SIBO, for an autoimmune condition: Autoimmune Gastritis (AIG) – which is at least 2-4x more prevalent than Celiac, but often overlooked. Podcast Highlights 6:26 Low… Read More >

  SIBO or Slow Gastric Emptying? Check this Out! Do you have SIBO or slow gastric emptying? Motility Activator by Integrative Therapeutics is a new prokinetic on the market, that is a must try! Prokinetics (think  “pro-kinesis”) help to strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter, speed gastric emptying and they strengthen the migrating motor complex (MMC)… Read More >