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The podcast that I was just a guest on is live now: Is Your Clinical Approach to SIBO Treatment Leading to Recurrence?

I had the pleasure of joining Rob Lutz on One Medicine podcast this week. I go in-depth on why the current standard of care for SIBO is causing SIBO to be a recurrent condition. Hasty diagnosis, repetitive treatments, without exploring root cause, and starvation diets aimed at starving out gut bacteria are all setting patients up to go down the rabbit hole with SIBO and creates a recurrent condition.

I also share two fantastic studies that completely put to rest the idea that a digestive stool test can infer, diagnosis or really have anything to do with SIBO.

The podcast audience is directed at health care provider treating SIBO. My goal is to help other practitioners approach SIBO the correct way. I also wrote a two-part manifesto on the Pervasive Misunderstanding of the Low FODMAP Diet for Rob’s website, Today’s Practitioner, which I turned into a webinar. Look for the link to this to be sent out next week.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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