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The Five Must-Knows for Treating SIBO
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Join me as I help cut through the myths surrounding gut health and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) as a guest on the Vibrant Wellness podcast.

I advocate for a ‘less is more’ approach in diagnosis and treatment of SIBO, challenging the norm of restrictive diets and aggressive treatments. Digestive disorders, including SIBO, often intertwine with conditions like thyroid dysfunction, parasites, chronic stress, leaky gut and autoimmune diseases, making it essential to tackle the root causes.

In this episode, I dive into the reasons behind recurrent SIBO, examining the cycle of antibiotic overuse and its impact on the gut. We also discuss the psychological challenges of managing a recurring condition and the stress of ongoing treatment. I share my journey from psychology to nutrition, advocating for a holistic approach to not just manage SIBO, but to enhance overall wellness.

I offer practical tips on diet and stress management for digestive health, stressing the joy of eating and the importance of setting boundaries to avoid information overload. We conclude with a reminder of the power of education and self-acceptance in the healing process. Dive into this exploration of gut health with me, where knowledge meets the art of living well.

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