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Angela’s practice has just reopened to new patients!

If you’re tired of researching, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the summits and conferences and chat rooms, and you’re trying to figure what this really means to you – then work with a practitioner who has already done the research. Let’s get YOU better!

My practice is 100% virtual – serving those both locally and internationally.

20 Minute | Introductory Consult: 67.00

All new prospective patients start with the Introductory Consult.

  • Speak with Angela directly
  • Discuss the complexity of your case
  • Assess compatibility to start a program
  • International? No problem! Set up your consult now!

To make the most of your time with Angela, we will provide you with a Pre-Appointment Questionnaire that will help you focus your top concerns, questions, and your main points that you wish to discuss with Angela.

Schedule Your Introductory Consult Now