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July 8, 2017

Is Florastor better than other brands who sell the probiotic saccharomyces boulardii? Saccharomyces boulardii has over 580 peer reviewed published studies -it is a GREAT probiotic. It helps to rebalance yeast and recover antibiotic associated diarrhea, it is a great probiotic to use with SIBO, SIFO and Candida – among other things: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=saccharomyces+boulardii Florastor combines… Read More >

January 16, 2017

I joined Rebecca Coomes on her podcast, The Healthy Gut “Be your own health detective with SIBO Guru, Angela Pifer” SIBO can be a debilitating condition for many people so it is important to become your own private investigator to really understand what went wrong in your body to allow SIBO to occur. In today’s… Read More >

November 16, 2016

In the interest of sharing, I thought I would share my notes from the conference: 48 million people suffer from IBS in the United States, but only 10-12 million are diagnosed. IBS affects 1 billion worldwide. IBS was originally labeled ‘spastic colon’ in the 1950’s, but changed to IBS in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s… Read More >

October 29, 2016

    SIBO? I Made a Bone Broth Just for You! I am excited to announce the launch of my new low FODMAP bone broth line!! I created this line with Cauldron Broths. We are launching with Traditional Chicken, Traditional Beef and two Bone Marrow Broths – Short Simmer and Long Simmer. For SIBO, I recommend starting with the Short… Read More >

October 5, 2016

I was honored to join The Holistic Practitioner Podcast on iTunes with host Stephen Anderson this week to share my clinical insights on SIBO. I hope you enjoy the podcast! Show Notes: [2:18] – Some of the misconceptions around SIBO that could be stopping people from recovery [2:38] – Misconception #1 – SIBO is the… Read More >

October 5, 2016

  Of all the functional gut diets, I have found that the FODMAP diet is the best at helping people manage their IBS and SIBO symptoms. This is an ideal ‘elimination diet’ to help people settle their gut symptoms; then they can start to test foods out (challenging fermentable loads) to see which foods they… Read More >

September 6, 2016

By Functional Medicine Nutritionist Angela Pifer, MSs, FMN, CN, SIBO Guru Which Diet Best Treats SIBO? In a healthy, balanced gut, eating foods rich in fiber is a very good thing. When these fibers enter the large intestine, they are eaten by billions of organisms. When the organisms consume these fibers, they actually ferment them…. Read More >

February 20, 2016

A phase 2 clinical trial on humans is currently in progress that sounds promising; evaluating the effect of lovastatin lactone on methanogens and symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation. If you recognized the word ‘statin’ in lovastatin, yes, you are correct. This is a statin drug! Statins can inhibit archaeal cell membrane… Read More >

February 16, 2016

The goal with a SIBO breath test is to identify an overgrowth of microbes in the small intestine, by measuring the production of hydrogen and, or, methane production in response to the sugar solution that is swallowed at the start of the test. The two sugar solutions that are used with SIBO breath testing are… Read More >

December 1, 2015

Ileocecal Valve Dysfunction Contributes to SIBO By Functional Medicine Nutritionist Angela Pifer The ileocecal valve is a sphincter type valve named for the two sections in the intestine that it falls between – the last section of the small intestine, called the ileum, and the first section of the large intestine, called the cecum. Its… Read More >