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There is a new summit just around the corner – “Trauma Mind Body Super Conference” hosted by Alex Howard. Alex and I interview soon for my Facebook Group: SIBO Tribe, Building Community Through Resilience -(after his summit wraps and after he has a moment to breath). Join my Facebook group here: 


Over 90 world leading experts in mind body medicine,trauma resolution and functional medicine will cover:
•How unresolved early life stress and trauma impacts the brain, vagus nerve and intestinal permeability leading to a plethora of gut symptoms
•How early life trauma affects the balance of the microbiome and mitochondrial dysfunction leading to gut imbalances
•Psycho-emotional approaches for healing attachment trauma and PTSD including EFT, Somatic Experiencing, NARM therapy, EMDR and more
•How your hormones, neurotransmitters, genes, diet, lifestyle, the environment and your gut health, affects mental health
•The latest research on neuroscience, the role of the vagus nerve and body-based approaches like Feldenkrais and yoga for healing trauma
•How energetic solutions from red light therapy, sound therapy, pulsed-electromagnetic field therapy, and information medicine can help heal the brain and trauma
•and much more! Register your FREE spot here today!

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