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<< Are you getting caught in a worry cycle?
<< Are you feeling like your stress and anxiety are getting the best of you?
<<  Are your condition(s) and symptom(s) made worse by the level of stress that you are under?
<< If COVID stress is stalling your gut healing …

                         — then let’s see if neural reprogramming program will help!

Alex Howard joins me to discuss the 12 week – Reset Program that launches October 1st. This program is specifically geared towards neural reprogramming and calming down an overactive nervous system.

Alex runs this program three times a year. This is the third and final program that will be offered in 2020.

Would you like some extra support with the program?  Read to the bottom…

Alex offers three free videos to watch, to learn the foundations of the program – they are F.R.E.E. and you will absolutely, positively, learn something about yourself in the process! Watch his videos here (and this is where you can sign up for the program)

Here is more about the structure of the program:

·         Follow the link to watch the three free videos: You will then receive an email when registration opens next week – on Sept 23rd.

·         The program launches on Oct 1st and runs for 12 weeks.

·         Each week a new module is ‘dropped’ – watch this and work through the steps.

·         There is also a FB group page with just this group moving through the program and a full team at the Reset Program to support you.

·         You get to watch Alex apply each module in real clinic sessions.

·         You may follow along with the program OR – you may go at your own pace. He will speak to this when the program launches.

·         YOU HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS to all the materials, modules, and community. Each year, he runs this 12 week program three times (this is when groups move through the program together) and you may participate in as many of these groups as you like – for a lifetime!!

·         Alex offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Here is the link again to watch Alex Howard’s video to learn more about the Reset Program:

Let’s Build a Group and Work Through This Together!

I will also be working through this program as a participant, AND I will facilitate community support among the group that moves through this with me. The group support will be facilitated through my community FB group – SIBO Tribe (this is free to join and I am donating my time to do this). Once you sign up for Alex’s program, join SIBO Tribe and look for the emails about this program. We will discuss modules and our individual work online and I will lead weekly/ bi-weekly calls – depending on how many people join me!

Join the SIBO Tribe – Facebook group here:  >>> Join here <<<

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