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I was honored to join The Holistic Practitioner Podcast on iTunes with host Stephen Anderson this week to share my clinical insights on SIBO.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

"Podcast with SIBO Guru – Why Treating SIBO Alone May Not Be Enough"

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Show Notes:
[2:18] – Some of the misconceptions around SIBO that could be stopping people from recovery
[2:38] – Misconception #1 – SIBO is the primary cause of a person’s problem when often it’s a secondary condition
[4:46] – Misconception #2 – Diet can treat SIBO
[12:20] – Some of the common underlying causes that could be contributing to SIBO
[12:32] – Food poisoning leading to autoimmune SIBO
[18:13] – IBS check test which tests for vinculin antibodies
[19:17] – Clear Passage – the service Angela refers patients to if she suspects adhesions are part of the SIBO picture
[25:19] – Do gas levels and symptoms correspond with SIBO
[30:40] – The reason Angela choose to offer a premium treatment package as a way of treating SIBO patients
[38:20] – Angela’s main sources of information and inspiration on the topic of SIBO
[38:39] – facebook SIBO Support Group
[39:14] –  SIBO symposium
[39:47] – Dr. Mark Pimentel
[42:02] – Dietary considerations with SIBO
[42:12] – Gut RX Gurus and affiliate program for referring practitioners

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