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NEW! Whole Foods Nourishment for SIBO!

In my quest to help my SIBO patients and followers enjoy more nutrition from whole foods (not less), I have created a new category on my site: Whole Foods Nourishment for SIBO!

Add a TINY pinch to a smoothie, a grain dish, to a soup, etc. Remember that dehydrated and powdered foods are highly concentrated. 1 teaspoon of powdered kale is equal to 2 cups of kale.

  • Amazing Grass Kale
  • Amazing Grass Supergreens
  • Amazing Grass Moringa
  • Gaia Gelatinized Maca – removes the starch and keep the potent health benefits
  • AllVia Maca – Unflavored Pure Maca
  • Powdered Green Tea in Tea Bags – Buddha Teas
  • Royal Matcha Green Tea (powdered green tea) – Mercola

I have been hard at work on my site – working to speed up the loading times and make supplement surfing much easier. Thank you for your patience with this! I am happy to say that the new site is looking great!

Be sure to enter SIBO-G as you access code,
to unlock all the products.

Then explore the site!

Supplements to treat, support, and nourish sensitive systems, with a guarantee: these have been directly purchased from the manufacturer and stored properly to guarantee potency, safety and product safety. When you buy online, make sure that you aren’t buying from third party sellers (as Amazon sells)! These are the products that I use in my practice – they work!

Best pricing from a pharmaceutical supplement store on Allimax Pro450. Retailing for $120, but with your 18% off discount, your price is only $98.40
BEST pricing on the Physician’s Elemental Diet, Integrative Therapeutics: $130 retail, but with your 18% off discount, your price is only $106 per pouch!

NEW! Cramping, constipation and clenching? Try this:

Soak in a warm bath in the evening before bed. Following the bath, place a warm, moist compress over your abdomen and cover it with a dry towel. Leave it on until the heat dissipates. Then, Place 4 drops of peppermint oil in 1 tablespoon of your favorite lotion, then massage your belly in a clockwise motion – start in a small clockwise circle around your belly button, and continue making the circles bigger and bigger, until you reach your sides and hips.

Then spread two tablespoons of castor oil over your belly, put an old t-shirt on and go to bed. The heat of your body will drive the castor oil in, and this will help you detox overnight.

NOW Peppermint Oil and Castor Oil are available on my site and are included
with your discount!

The Toxic Mold Summit

This was an eye opening summit! Toxic mold is one of the possible reasons why your illness is a mystery. The unrecognized consequences of this toxicity can create hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues and multiple autoimmune conditions.

Around 20% of the patients who come to see me, end up having a mold exposure. I have also personally dealt with this issue. My favorite talks were Dr. Jill Carnahan, Ray Solano (brain recovery), and Annie Hopper (retraining the brain to heal). For many people, simply removing yourself from the situation, is not enough.

Register for the summit (which already aired earlier this month) and get four free gifts. You may also purchase the summit for a crazy low price.

Prokinetic Prucalopride, Approved for Use
in the United States!

Motegrity (prucalopride) has been approved by the FDA to be used in the United States! It has now been released – but you will need to get a pre-authorization from your insurance company to be prescribed this. Get a prescription from your doctor, then call your insurance company to get the pre-authorization form prior to getting this filled at your pharmacy.

Speaking at the Puget Sound Functional
Medicine Meeting in April!

Are you a practitioner? I’ll be speaking at the Puget Sound Functional Medicine and Nutrition Tuesday, April 30th, from 7-9PM. Insights into Digestive Stool Analysis Testing: Comparing GI Effects, GI Map, Ubiome – and Advanced Approaches with SIBO.  RSVP with “April 30th” in the subject line to

Total Wellness Mastery Summit – Season Three:
Don’t Just Accept It, Change It!

I want to share a powerful truth with you: you are not your symptoms. There is a MUCH better way to live and a much better version of yourself that you deserve to discover. Listen in to the free segment, when I join host Lauren Ervin, to discuss how you can rebuild your gut health. I work day in and day out with my patients, helping them address gut dysbiosis and SIBO and then we need to shift focus to healing and rebuilding the health of the gut. I share my clinical insights during the in-depth interview.

Lauren is on a mission to help people truly become the healthy person that they deserve to be and I am thrilled to join her! The series is called Total Wellness Mastery: Powerful Secrets to Take Back Control of Your Health, Boost Your Energy and Naturally Heal Your Pain. Sign up here to reserve your spot!

With Love and Health,


Angela Pifer, Ms, LN, CN, FMN
Functional Medicine Nutritionist
p 425.747.5282
28 Day Health Solutions Co

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