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Join me as I help cut through the myths surrounding gut health and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) as a guest on the Vibrant Wellness podcast. I advocate for a ‘less is more’ approach in diagnosis and treatment of SIBO, challenging the norm of restrictive diets and aggressive treatments. Digestive disorders, including SIBO, often intertwine… Read More >

Over the past few weeks I’ve received three emails from patients informing me that they watched the Netflix documentary, You are What You Eat, and this documentary motivated them to go vegan. Nutritionists everywhere release a collective sigh whenever a new documentary is released on nutrition. They are always riddled with bias and half truths… Read More >

It’s impossible to avoid exposure to toxins entirely, but making small, mindful adjustments in your daily habits can significantly reduce your toxin load and have a profound impact on your health. To overcome your symptoms for good and sustain long-term wellness, you must positively change your internal environment — the “terrain” of your body. From… Read More >

The podcast that I was just a guest on is live now: Is Your Clinical Approach to SIBO Treatment Leading to Recurrence? I had the pleasure of joining Rob Lutz on One Medicine podcast this week. I go in-depth on why the current standard of care for SIBO is causing SIBO to be a recurrent… Read More >

As we navigate the transition from one year to the next, we’re each presented with a unique opportunity—a time that’s inherently rich with the potential for deep reflection and self-discovery. This period isn’t about succumbing to the relentless tide of “new year, new you” messages, propelled by the season’s marketing strategies, urging us to reinvent… Read More >

Did You Know Your body sheds approximately 600,000 skin cells per day (that 1.5 pounds a year) Your shedding skin contributes to 69-88% of the dust around you. Your body sheds 50 billion microbial debris every few hours. Close the toilet when you flush – or stool microbes will build up on surfaces, including E…. Read More >

Did You Know? It’s best to stop thinking that probiotics ‘feed’ the bacteria in your GI tract. When you think probiotics, think immune support, reduction of GI permeability, prevention of pathogens from binding to the GI lining and supporting mental well-being. Supplemental probiotics are transient – they are simply visitors passing through. Once stopped, supplemental… Read More >

In the pursuit of bolstering our immune defenses, nature offers a multitude of ingredients with potential health benefits. Combining the vibrant flavors of orange juice, the golden glow of turmeric, and the zing of ginger creates a drink that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also supports the immune system through a convergence of… Read More >

Did You Know? Starting vitamin C once you’re sick has not been shown to decrease symptom duration. For vitamin C to be effective at helping fend off a cold or flu like symptoms and decrease symptom duration, it must be taken ongoing, prior to getting sick. Don’t start and stop dosages over 1000mg quickly. This… Read More >

Did You Know? Elderberry provides immune support in the body for approximately 4-5 hours. For continual immune support, elderberry should be taken 3-4 times a day. Elderberry is antiviral, antioxidant and a flavonoid. Elderberry helps strengthen the functions of both prebiotic and probiotic on gut flora. Several online direct to consumer elderberry products have been… Read More >