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SIBO? I Made a Bone Broth Just for You!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new low FODMAP bone broth line!! I created this line with Cauldron Broths. We are launching with Traditional Chicken, Traditional Beef and two Bone Marrow Broths – Short Simmer and Long Simmer.

For SIBO, I recommend starting with the Short or Long Simmer Bone Marrow Broths. These are made without ligaments and joints (no cartilage), which greatly reduces (if not removes) GAGs, which are polysaccharides that leach out into the broth and trigger SIBO symptoms in more sensitive stomachs.

If you have made chicken or beef (with ligaments and joints) bone broth and you do not experience any symptoms from these, feel free to start with the Traditional Chicken or Traditional Beef. GAGs don’t ‘fuel’ SIBO. Symptom responses are different in each person. This really depends on the severity of SIBO, where SIBO is along the intestinal route (the higher up, the more likely you will react to GAGs).

"SIBO Bone Broth Now Available for Purchase GutRxGurus"

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I recommend our Short Simmer Bone Marrow Broth for histamine intolerance.

Our broths are 100% Certified Organic, USDA Certified, FODMAP free, Non-GMO, Lead Free, made in a Non-Allergenic Plant AND 100% Grass Fed/ Pasture Raised.

During SIBO treatment, I recommend 2-3 cups of bone broth per day. Post SIBO treatment, continue with 2-3 cups per day for two months.

Check these out: Low FODMAP Bone Broths and click on Low FODMAP Bone Broth at the top of the page:


Angela Pifer, Ms, FMN, CN
Certified Nutritionist
Gut Rx Gurus Founder – the FIRST Online SIBO Diet Recipe Manager
Gut Rx Gurus Founder – the FIRST Low FODMAP Bone Broth Line!
28 Day Health Solutions Co




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from 6 people

Angela Pifer

It is still a thing!
Warmly, Angela

Angela Pifer


I wish this was still a thing, can't find any information regarding it.


Angela Pifer

Hi Catherine! We are bringing our broth shipment in-house. At this time we are not replenishing our distributors. I am sorry for this interruption! You could try the long simmer, and then dilute it down 3:1 or 2:1 water to broth. I hope that this helps! Warmly, Angela

Angela Pifer


You are out of the short simmer bone marrow broth :O
I believe I am histamine intolerant. What can I do?


Angela Pifer

Agreed! We are not happy about the cost of shipping. It is really expensive to pack and ship real frozen bone broth with dry ice. I recommend buying by the case to save on shipping. We are actively working on a shelf stable broth and this will really help with shipping prices! Warmly, Angela

Angela Pifer


I really wish I could afford the shipping on this product to NH :-( Do you folks sell this anywhere in NH or MA?

KA Moare

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