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Tired of trying to figure out what to eat? Stuck on 8 foods?

This is why I created GutRxGurus.com! I bring together 6 experts to share over 600 recipes to help you create a well-balanced and nutritionally sound FODMAP eating plan!

Healthy, Delicious RecipesRecipe ManagerCooking Classes
  • New recipes added weekly
  • Options! 100% gluten free. We offer dairy free, corn free, nightshade free, egg free, grain free categories
Over 550+ low fermentable recipes
180+ recipes meet SIBO Specific Diet Guidelines
Quickly search recipes and categories
Adjust servings
Create unlimited meal plans and keep them neatly organized
Print a shopping list or send it to your phone
Share your recipe tips and participate in the community forum
  • “How To” cook easy low FODMAP meals in our step by step videos
  • We’ll share our nutrition and culinary knowledge with you while creating quick and tasty recipes to help you find success.

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